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18.03.20 - Coronavirus Update

Special School 8: College Bexhlll

Dear Parents and Carers

The advice given by Public Health England regarding Covid-19 is updated regularly. I would like to keep you informed with the recent updated health advice and let you know what we are doing at St Mary’s to manage the situation. Thank you to those parents and carers who have supported us during this very challenging time; we do understand that there are children and adults who are worried about the current situation.

The Government is now providing daily updates on the steps it is taking to help fight Coronavirus and has said that schools are to remain open. We are working hard to ensure that we keep the school open for as long as possible whilst this is the advice given.

However, in light of the updated guidance published recently, we do ask that any pupil or member of staff (or anyone in their household) stay at home and self-isolate for fourteen days if they have either of these symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough

Advice is also to avoid unnecessary social contact and travel wherever possible. We will continue to follow guidelines and advice and to update you as soon as possible where changes are necessary for planned school events. Below are some of the changes to arrangements we have put in place regarding upcoming events. We hope that by making these arrangements we can keep everyone safe whilst keeping our day to day operation as normal and undisrupted as possible for our pupils.

Parents' Evening

Following guidelines, we have made the decision that our parents’ evening scheduled for Wednesday 25‘h March, will not take place as usual, but we will be asking form tutors / class teachers / therapists to contact parents via telephone to update you on your child’s progress and to discuss how we plan for pupils to access learning at home, In the event of any prolonged school closure.

Hindleap Warren Trip Meeting

This is scheduled before parents’ evening on Wednesday 25th March. This meeting is to be postponed and we will either reschedule it as soon as possible or provide additional information should we need to make different arrangements about school residential trips.

Parent Consultation Group

This is due to happen on Monday 23rd March. We are postponing this meeting until further notice and will reschedule as soon as we are able to.

School Trips

Most school trips will no longer happen for the time being. if we risk assess a trip as safe it will proceed however, we anticipate that this will be a small minority of trips.

ECHP meetings

To avoid unnecessary meetings these will be conducted by telephone until further notice.

School Visitors

Most visitors due to come to the school before the end of term 4 will be rescheduled in the first instance. If we judge a visit to be essential, we will try to facilitate it.

Home learning

l have asked staff to plan activities for pupils to access at home in the event of school closure. We would like to make sure that this is accessible for as many pupils as possible and would be grateful if you have not already done so to provide updated email addresses to enable us to make contact with you.

We are taking every opportunity to reduce disruption to learning. We will review the situation at the end of the week and I will write again if there are further changes or if additional information becomes available.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch and I thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Natalie Edwards

Acting Principal